Preserving and uniting the identity of the Diaspora (language, culture, traditions) for transmission from generation to generation; promoting the traditional alliances between Russia and Armenia; providing social assistance to the citizens of Armenian origin from Russia and Armenia.

Goals and objectives

Charitable and socially useful programs in the fields of: spiritual and historical heritage, education and enlightenment, health/medicine, children, sports, humanitarian assistance; in particular:

–          social support and protection of low-income citizens, social rehabilitation of disabled people;

–          assistance to victims of natural disasters, national and religious conflicts, refugees and internally displaced persons;


–          promotion of peace, friendship and harmony between people, prevention of social, national, religious conflicts;


–          social rehabilitation of orphaned children, children left without parents’ care, children in difficult life situations;


–          promotion of patriotic, spiritual and moral education of children and youth.


Implementation through own projects, as well as the creation of a fundamental base where various organizations, funds, individuals can implement their projects.