The word of the chairman of the board of trustees

Dear friends, compatriots, people of good will!


For all of us, for Armenians all over the world, for our friends from all over the planet, the events of autumn 2020 were a heavy blow. We have lost more than five thousand of the best, bravest and courageous sons who gave their lives for the Motherland; we have received the occupied native lands, which the Armenians temporarily left for the first time during more than two and a half thousand years.


Many times, I have visited the mass grave of the soldiers of the first Karabakh War from Monte Melkonyan’s detachment, whose phrase ‘If we lose Karabakh, we will turn over the last page of Armenian history’ I cannot forget. And this page was almost already turned over… But at the last moment before the catastrophe for all Armenians, our friends did not allow to close the book of the multi-thousand-year history of Armenia. Now we have a chance to be in future history textbooks in other countries not only as one of the many disappeared people, but also as people with a strong statehood, intelligent, world-famous and devoted sons and daughters. We have a chance to live on our ancestral historical lands and make our own historical and strategic decisions.


The incorporators of our Foundation had thoughts about creating a charitable organization long before these events, which have become the catalyst for its establishment, especially in connection with the actions of some funds, which used a lot of money from indifferent people all over the world not by purpose.


In this situation, many of us cannot live in peace. We cannot look at the pain and suffering of the ancient heroic Armenian people.


There are a lot of us, who really want to help our compatriots and the Motherland who are in trouble. There are tens and hundreds of thousands of us. If everyone makes even a small contribution to this help, we will be able to give at least a little joy to those who have lost their children, husbands, who became homeless, who have forgotten how to smile and believe in justice, who needs our support. The Foundation also plans to help in strengthening the centuries-old friendship between the Armenian and Russian peoples, between Armenia and Russia and also in communication of children and youth of Armenia and Artzakh with their coevals from Armenian Diaspora of Russia.


The main goals, objectives, mission and values of our Foundation are published on the website. Also, on the website you can get additional information. It is possible to transfer funds both to the fund’s account for the implementation of existing projects by the decision of the Board of Trustees, and to any specific project published on the website that you consider a priority for yourself. All donations will be strictly counted individually (except those who wish to donate anonymously). We all need to understand and tell ourselves that a small amount from the personal and family budget, aimed at helping our compatriots who have lost a lot, is the least that we can and should do. Both large transfers and small amounts will be welcome. A report will be provided for each project, for each provided assistance.


In addition, all of you can carry out any own project related to the goals of the Foundation, using its platform and capabilities.


Friends, compatriots! Once again, I ask everyone not to forget, that now we are living during one of the most difficult periods in the history of the Armenian people, and it also depends on us how this period will end, and whether the book on the history of Armenia will have a continuation, or we will turn over its last page…


With faith and hope in wonderful future of the Armenian people, with love to the Motherland,


Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Charity Foundation ‘OUR DUTY,’ Aram Danielyan.