Representatives of the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Petersburg and the Charitable Foundation ‘Our Duty’ honored the memory of the victims of the siege of Leningrad

On September 8, the representatives of the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Petersburg, led by the rector of the Church of St. Catherine, Priest Ephraim Zargaryan and the ‘Our Duty’ Charitable Foundation, laid wreaths and flowers at the Piskarevsky Memorial. The blockade of the city on the Neva is considered one of the bloodiest in the history of mankind. It lasted 872 days.

Hundreds of thousands of Leningraders gave their lives during a long siege to the Nazi invaders. Every day of life in besieged Leningrad was a real feat.

For courage and unprecedented heroism in the days of the difficult struggle against the Nazi invaders, the city of Leningrad was awarded the Order of Lenin on January 20, 1945, and on May 8, 1965 received the honorary title of Hero City.

Thousands of Armenians participated in the defense of the city. Among the hundred thousand Armenian defenders of Leningrad, twenty thousand did not return home. The Armenians also took an active part in ensuring of the city’s supply and the troops of the Leningrad Front.

Our delegation, paying tribute to the memory of our compatriots, also laid flowers at the stove: ‘To the glorious sons and daughters of the Armenian people, who heroically died defending Besieged Leningrad.’