Meeting of the Council of the Armenian Apostolic Church

On November 30, 2021, the Founders and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ‘Our Duty’ Charitable Foundation took part in an expanded meeting of the Council of the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Petersburg.

The meeting was attended by the rector of the Church of the Holy Resurrection, Priest Ephraim Zargaryan, Maxim Atayants, members of the Church and Board of Trustees, the Chairman and representatives of the Armenian Medical Association. Father Poghos presented a report on the activities of the church for 2021 and plans for 2022. During the meeting, the educational and social programs of the church scheduled for 2022 were being discussed.

Particular attention was paid to the discussion of preparatory work for the opening of the Armenian Theological Seminary in St. Petersburg and charitable assistance to Armenia and Artsakh.

At the end of the meeting, philanthropist, president of the nominal charitable foundation Hrachya Poghosyan presented commemorative medals to hieromonk Poghos Vardanyan, priest Ephraim Zargaryan, editor-in-chief Armen Meruzhanyan, director of school No. 259 Astghik Kocharyan and director of the Spiritual and Educational Center Ruzanna Kurginyan. These medals were established to the 200th anniversary of F.M. Dostoevsky.