Announcement of the concert on September 23 in St. Petersburg, dedicated to the great tenor Sergei Lemeshev

On September 23, 2021, as part of the 29th season of the International Music Festival ‘Palaces of St. Petersburg’, a concert dedicated to the great tenor Sergei Lemeshev will take place in the luxurious Bronze Hall of the Polovtsov Mansion.

An evening of music from the repertoire of one of the most phenomenally successful Russian performers of the 20th century will take place in the hall of the Polovtsov mansion, an architectural masterpiece of the genius Messmacher, which invariably makes a stunning impression on the audience.

The unique timbre of Sergei Lemeshev, the hypnotic effect of his charm evoked an extraordinary reaction from the audience, especially the female part. The halls where the tenor performed were literally electrolyzed by the energy of the singer and invariably crowded.

In the concert of the Palaces of St. Petersburg Festival, young talented tenors will pay tribute to the stellar forerunner. Artistic director of the festival ‘Palaces of St. Petersburg’ Maria Safaryants will talk about the magic of the great performer’s talent.

Three magnificent tenors will present a rich palette of Sergei Lemeshev’s repertoire. Each performer will show one of the facets of the great singer: sincere Russian songs, lyrical romances, opera arias from Lemeshev’s repertoire will be performed. Of course, the aria that lifted Lemeshev to the pinnacle of his glory will sound – the aria of Lensky.

Guests of the evening will be able to enjoy the unique interiors of the mansion. In the luxurious Oak Hall in the Renaissance style, you can find the mysterious coat of arms of the owner of the mansion and see unique bookcases and a fireplace, ordered from different regions of Italy; in the Fireplace Hall – enjoy the atmosphere of a knightly spirit. The hall in which the concert will take place is able to compete with the most eminent palace halls in the world. The bronze hall produces a stunning effect on visitors. Impressive interior, spectacular ceiling light, unique types of marble and precious woods in decoration – in such a luxurious atmosphere, concert guests will enjoy magnificent voices.

Soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theater Boris Stepanov confidently wins both in international competitions and in winning the love of the public and the sympathy of world critics.

European and Russian critics do not skimp on the highest ratings of the tenor’s work: ‘an amazing performance by Boris Stepanov (Yurodivy), who captures the attention of the audience with just a few notes, even if the stage around him is empty’

‘… The holy fool, whom we hear in his performance two scenes later, is a vocal gem …’. Today Boris Stepanov is a guest soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre, St. Petersburg and Riga Philharmonics.

Roman Arndt is the owner of an expressive lyrical appearance, a beautiful voice and many victories at the most prestigious competitions.

Among these achievements is the José Carreras Grand Prix International Tenor Competition of the Elena Obraztsova Foundation, whose jury includes the great José Carreras himself and other world opera stars.

The novel was nominated for the Golden Soffit, the Highest Theater Award of St. Petersburg, in ‘the Best Actor in an Opera Performance’ nomination.

Today Roman is a soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, a guest soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theater performs the leading tenor parts.

Tigran Ohanyan is one of the most promising young opera performers of our time.

In his creative biography there are victories at the most prestigious international competitions, as well as a special prize of the famous television project ‘Big Opera’, performances on the main opera stages of the world, participation in concert and television projects of the festival ‘Palaces of St. Petersburg’.

Purchasing tickets on the website of the festival ‘Palaces of St. Petersburg’

Information by phone 928-22-40, 570-05-15

Date and time of the concert: 23 сентября 19:30

Location: Mansion A.A. Polovtsov (House of the Architect), Bronze Hall

Address: B. Morskaya st., 52