Musical Jewels in the Grand Resurrection Hall

Guests of the first concert in the history of the restored Resurrection Hall will see the performance of a student of the great Pavarotti and will become the witnesses of the solemn ceremony of awarding the Artistic Director of the Festival Maria Safaryants with the Order of the Star of Italy.

October 17, 19:00. Mikhailovsky Castle, Resurrection Hall


For the first time, music will sound in the reconstructed historical Resurrection Hall of the Mikhailovsky Castle! Musical masterpieces will be presented in the main hall, which has been hidden from the eyes of the general public for centuries.

A real ‘Italian landing’ will perform here.

Guests will be able to enjoy the talent of a student of the great Pavarotti, Dario Di Vietri. His bel canto strikes with its depth, strength and flight. Today, even in Italy, his art is considered rare. Lyric-dramatic tenor Di Vietri is a regular participant in the world’s largest open-air opera festival ‘Arena di Verona’, opera performances of which are held in the ancient Roman amphitheater, where singers sing without microphones for an audience of ten thousand people.

The operetic conductor is one of the brightest Italian conductors of his generation, who became the youngest musician to receive the title of Ambassador of Genoa to the world, Lorenzo Tazzieri.

The famous Mozart concerto will be performed by Oleg Vanshtein, one of the best pianists in the world, laureate of numerous international competitions, winner of the prestigious award of the European Piano Competition.

Also, this evening the Artistic Director of the Festival Maria Safariants is a soloist. She will perform one of Vitali’s most poignant violin compositions ‘Chaccon’.

The guests of the evening will have a unique opportunity to be present at the prestigious ceremony of awarding the Order of the Star of Italy with the degree of Cavalier, which the President of Italy awarded the artistic director of the festival, Maria Safariants. The state award will be presented by the Consul General of Italy in Russia.

Established in 2011, this award is a special recognition of the merit that Italians living abroad or foreign citizens have shown in developing friendly relations and cooperation between Italy and other countries, as well as in promoting ties with Italy.

The Resurrection Hall of the Mikhailovsky Castle opens a suite of state apartments of Emperor Paul I. The huge room was designed by the architect Vincenzo Brenna. The hall was intended for holding balls on holidays, as well as official receptions, which were attended by foreign ambassadors and ministers.

Program: Mozart, Rossini, Mascagni, Vitali, Puccini, Verdi


Dario Di Vietri (tenor, Italy)
Maria Safariants (violin)
Oleg Vanshtein (piano, laureate of international competitions)
Lorenzo Tazzieri (conductor, Italy)
Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Region